Film Makeup Test, Part 2 – The Blood and Dirt

Continuing on from my last post, I’m now in a position to apply the fun stuff: Blood and dirt! 😀

This is how Annie looked at the end of the last post:


Parents, please be advised that in this post, detailing how I made the wound, may not be appropriate for small children who do not do well with a little blood. Previewing may be in order. 🙂

Blood and Dirt

IMG_2095Now that I have the base ready, it’s time to mess it up. 😉

Liquid Latex

I took a tissue and separated it into one thin sheet, taking it from a two ply tissue to one really thin ply.

I ripped off a little bit and rolled it into a little log.

Taking a small paintbrush I didn’t care about, I drew a line of liquid latex onto Annie’s forehead.

using liquid latex for wounds

Before the latex dried, I put the little rolls of tissue on top of it, sticking them to Annie’s head.


I layered a few more coats of latex over the paper rolls, doing my best to blend it into her skin.


We used a hairdryer to help the latex dry faster. (Impatient us) It’s already starting to look cool and yucky.


When it was dry, I tried to blend it in a bit more by using a sponge to dab some foundation on the latexed area. I realized too late that I should have worked with the latex before I put on her foundation. It was much harder to match the exact shade, plus it did some other goobering I was disappointed about. Nevertheless, I went on and did my best to cover up the little mistakes.


I decided to move on to the dirt next. Taking a wine cork that I had burnt the end of with a lighter, I rubbed the charred end on my fingers and rubbed my fingers on her face putting some streaks on her cheeks and on the sides of her nose. I tried to put more “dirt” in the places on the face where it would naturally accumulate more, like the sides of the nose, by the ears, and on the temples.

I also took a makeup sponge and chopped up the end with scizzors. I then used it to dab eyeshadow in the colors purple, brown, and green in the wound area as well as a few of the other “dirty” places.


Taking that same chopped up sponge, I dipped it in a little blood gel and sponged all around the wound area. This helped cover up the end of the latex-covered area quite a bit!

Taking the smallest brush I have, I traced over the top of the raised bump with several layers of blood gel. At this point it still didn’t look right, so I tried  adding some little spillover veins on the sides. This immediately helped a lot, but I got them a little too widespread and spidery. Max said it looked too “zombie-like”. 😉


I added some scratches on Annie’s cheek by lightly tracing the lines with a red lipliner pencil, then going over it with some brown eyeshadow mixed with the blood gel. I tried to make parts of the scratches thicker and darker than other parts, because I know that scratches like that are not usually even lines. However, I think I got them a little too thick. It still looked pretty good.

I finished everything off with a few more pats of “dirt” with the different dark colors of eyeshadow.


Silly Annie kept giving us her “dead look”. With all her wounds, it was very creepy. 😛


Time for a photoshoot!

Time for a photoshoot! Annie was a very good model. I was scared she was going to attack me with the stunt knife. 😉










In conclusion,

I was very happy with how this first test turned out!

Here are some things I didn’t really like:

1. I mixed the foundation a little too light. In my next test I will not be afraid to go a bit darker.

2. The blood gel is a little too bright red for my taste. I would like to figure out a way to make it a bit darker so that it doesn’t look so fresh and fake.

3. The scratches on Annie’s cheek didn’t look very 3D; they mostly looked like red lines. I need to try some different techniques.

4. I didn’t plan beforehand what kind of wound I wanted to make, and so this wound isn’t really one that could happen in real life (that I know of). It seems to be some sort of a cross between a cut, a scar, and a burn. Next time, plan beforehand.

5. The paper was a bit too thick. Next time I’ll make the paper smaller, if I use it at all.

Another test will be coming soon!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you have any questions about the products I used, I’d be more than happy to answer them!

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.



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