Makeup Test #2

I’ve been doing more makeup tests whenever I have the time. I’m learning a lot more about techniques for different kinds of wounds that are a little closer to how they will actually be in our film.Β I did a test on my sister, Lizzy, soon after my test on Annie. We were also watching the Super Bowl at the same time, and I was going rather slow in between watching the game, and eating pizza, and in the process, we lost our rather small window of time in the afternoon where it’s light outside. (It gets really dark really early in Washington State during the winter.) The pictures from the photo shoot are a little grainy because of how dark it was, but you can still see a bit of what I did. πŸ™‚

The Base


I did a very similar base as I did on Annie. I made a couple mistakes, the most notable of which is picking a powder that was too dark for lining her eyes with. It made her look a bit too “made up”, which is not what I was going for. Woopths.

I also wanted to put on any liquid latex I was planning on using before I put on her foundation. That way, I could make sure the latex was covered with exactly the same color as the rest of Lizzy’s face. I forgot about that, (woopths, again!) so I settled for putting on the latex bits before I set her foundation with transparent powder (notice how she’s just a tad shiny).

Wound Prep


Picture 1: I took a tissue, took it apart so that it was 1 ply instead of 2, ripped off a bit of it and rolled it into a very tiny log. This is going to give some depth- make it look like Lizzy’s skin is separated up near her hairline.

Picture 2: Using liquid latex like glue, I draw a line where I want the cut to be and place the tissue roll I made on her forehead.

Picture 3: On the “downhill side” of the (now stuck) tissue, I put a few layers of latex doing my best to get it super thin at the bottom so that it will blend into her skin.

Pictures 4-5: I dotted liquid latex on her temples and on her cheekbone. I wanted it to seem like she hit her head on a rock, splitting her skin, and also like she fell down or was dragged over something rough like a rock or a tree, scratching and bruising Β the side of her face.

After I applied the latex, I powdered her face, setting the foundation, and put on a tiny bit of blush and conturing powder, just like I did with Annie.

Blood and Dirt


For dirt, I burned the end of a wine cork (purchased for a few cents at the thrift store), and when it cooled, I spread a bunch of the charcoal on my fingers and smudged Lizzy’s face. I also used a little makeup sponge with some brown, dark green, and dark purple eye shadows to get more a more textured dirt and bruise look around the “wounded” areas.

I used a very small brush and the same makeup sponge to layer on blood gel and the darker eye shadows to give the cut depth and the scratched areas texture. I really liked the effect!

That bottom picture is me putting on the finishing touches just as a touchdown was scored, so we both were looking at the screen in the next room. πŸ˜‰


We hurried out during halftime to go do a quick photoshoot outside. Like I said before, we kinda missed our daylight window, so the pictures ended up being a bit grainy and dark. We still got some epic shots though!


There were some things I disliked about what I did with Lizzy’s look, but on the whole, I was really happy with it. I was especially pleased with how well the wound on her cheek turned out, and how well I was able to get the latex for the cut on her forehead to blend in. Her hair covered it up a lot, but it still looked really cool. The one on her chin wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t bad! If anything it really made it look like her whole face must be in pain. *hiss of pain* Yowch!

I was kind of thinking I should time how long it takes me so I can start practicing on working faster, but the Superbowl went and ruined that plan. πŸ˜‰ I’ll have to make a point of doing that one of these days.

More to come!

And that’s how the cookie crumbles. πŸ™‚


About Rachel Poling

Rachel Poling is a serial hobbyist and one of those sopranos who can sing really high notes and likes sparkly jewelry. She enjoys researching, mulling, doodling, and implementing costume, makeup, and hair ideas. She also enjoys working on film scores, doing color correction, and generally having a toe dipped in anything pre-production. She has yet to act in any films, but she hopes to play an evil queen someday. View all posts by Rachel Poling

One response to “Makeup Test #2

  • Alina

    I can see improvement, you’re getting better! I like the way you did Lizzy’s hair in the final photos. πŸ™‚ The cuts looks better, I’m getting that feeling like when you’re watching a movie and they have a cut and you sorta feel the pain. That proves you’re good. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ Keep up the amazing work!

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