We Plunge into Photoshop – A First Look at ‘Evasion’

I just want to say before all y’all get your socks knocked off that I have been SUPER excited about this post ever since we decided to do it. I think pretty much all of us have. I have just been blown away by the awesomeness that Rachel, Micah, Lizzy, Josiah, and Max have created. Every time I see these, I just get super excited about the movie all over again. I hope that you do too, so without further ado:

By Micah:


Micah~ This is the first poster I made in Photoshop. I got the idea for this one from the Unstoppable poster here. It was not turning out right at first so I started over (that happened about 3 times ๐Ÿ˜›). I finally got something going that I liked and it went pretty smooth from there. I thought it was finished but it looked like something was missing. I stared at it for awhile and added the forest/helicopter at the top and the map on the bottom. That was the finishing touch it needed. ๐Ÿ™‚


Micah~ This is my second and final poster. I first got the idea fromย this poster, but as you can see, it turned out a lot different than I had in mind ๐Ÿ˜€. One of the biggest challenges I had was getting the characters’ skin tone to match since half of them were taken at different times of the day. After I put in the people, explosion and helicopter, there was still something missing and then somebody (the Polings, to be exact) suggested I add some clouds and trees. I took the advice and that made it look a lot better. I did some fine tuning, added a faint grunge texture annnnndddddd itโ€™s done! Iโ€™m not terribly happy with the look of the title but it works fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Josiah:


Josiah~ย This was just kind of a throw-it-all-together-and-hope-it-turns-out-right kind of thing. I masked out the characters and just kept rearranging them ’til it looked good. I showed it to everybody and they suggested that I change the color grading a bit. Originally, the minion in the background with the gun was facing the other way, but it looked like he was shooting Micah in the head, and everybody preferred him facing the way I have him facing now.

By Lizzy:


Lizzy~ย This is my first attempt at making a poster as well as working with Photoshop. I had already kind of used Photoshop before, but I hadn’t really done anything like this. Rachel had already made a poster, basing it off of some tutorial techniques she had found. Seeing her poster, I was immediately inspired. I could see it all in my head, it was just a matter of getting it out of my head and into Photoshop. Rachel gave me some links to some sites and showed me how to assemble a cool looking background. With some pointers from Rachel and some tips about Photoshop from Josiah and Phillip, I had a poster and I’m pretty pleased with it.


Lizzy~ย I got inspiration from Micah’s first poster, but not wanting to copy him, I looked around for some other idea’s. I assembled my background, which is really cool, and began looking through the photos we had taken. I wanted some more action-looking poses rather than poses staring epic-ly at the camera, so I used pictures from costume idea’s and makeup tests. After jumbling around the photos in Photoshop, nothing was really working and I wasn’t feeling inspired. I decided to go with my original idea and went through the easy, but tedious job of masking people out. I played around and got kind of what I was seeing, but I wasn’t really happy with it and left it unfinished. But then, for this post, I pulled it out and decided it didn’t look all that bad. So, after doing some work on it, I posted it for everyone’s opinion. After getting some feedback, I tweaked it and I’m done! Now that I look at it, it turned out rather nicely and I’m pretty happy with it.

By Max:


Max~ I based this poster on the one for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.ย It took me a while to figure out because I hadn’t a clue where to start in Photoshop; I know my way around After Effects but Photoshop was (and still is ๐Ÿ™‚) a tough nut to crack for me. I had a hard time getting everything blended in and the colors right. I’m really happy with how it turned out. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Rachel:


Rachel~ This is the first poster I’ve ever made. I had no idea where to start, or even what style of poster exactly I wanted to do. My first step was researching how to make posters in Photoshop. I’m kind of a newb with Photoshop and those first few tutorials were a huge learning curve for me. I was so, so, SO pleased with how this one turned out, especially for my first attempt. This was also the first poster any of us had made for our film, so it was interesting hearing everyone else’s initial feedback. I probably did at least 10 different versions of this poster, each a tiny bit different, taking in the advice and feedback from the group.


Rachel~ (Spoiler Alert!) I wanted to make a poster of just the “good guys” using some of the other poses we took. This one was actually harder because I felt like I had too much blank space to fill. Currently, we are going though some major script revisions, and these might not be the good guys at all now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It still turned out nice, I think.


Rachel~ I took several pictures of Annie during our photo shoot that were just too epic. Even though she is not cast as a main character at this point, her pictures were SO poster-worthy that I had to make her a poster of her own. I also wanted to try a lighter color scheme. Don’t shoot me, Annie!


Rachel~ย  This is the last one I made, and I think, my favorite. I learned quite a few new Photoshop techniques during the time between making the last one and this one. ย I just love the colors and textures!

End of Show and Tell:

Are they amazing or what?! I hope you guys have enjoyed getting your first real peek at what the film will look like. I know I did. Now I’mย really motivated to work on the film. Where’d I put that script…

P.S. Coming soon! Rachel is planning on writing an in-depth post about poster-making. ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, we love, love, LOVE hearing feedback, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!


About Annie Poling

Annie is an aspiring filmmaker with interests in directing, acting, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, and music. Basically, the whole making-a-movie thing. Sheโ€™s very organized and helps keep us on track as we tend to descend into silliness. Sheโ€™s directed several short films starring her younger siblings, as well as working as the cinematographer and camera operator for Phillipโ€™s LCCX entry. Sheโ€™s also into reading, various needle crafts, cooking, and playing the piano very loudly. Oh, and also, she collects weird hats and office supplies. View all posts by Annie Poling

5 responses to “We Plunge into Photoshop – A First Look at ‘Evasion’

  • Abby

    Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! Ever since I got a sneak peak of a couple posters I was really curious to see more. This satisfied my curiosity. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t pick a favorite (because they’re all epic) but I REALLY like Rachel’s last one. I also like the simplicity and mystery of Max’s poster, although I think it is telling a different story than all the rest of the posters.

    • Rachel Ann Poling

      Thanks, Abby!

      I really like Max’s too. It feels darker and more serious than the others, an he did a fantastic job, this being his first Photoshop attempt.

      We all learned a TON about photoshop during this project. Learning curve alert!! There’s nothin’ like a really cool project idea to spark a need to know!

      I really like seeing everybody’s individual style peeking out of their artwork here. I’m just amazed at each poster and how good they all are!

  • Morgan

    totally wicked! these are beast! You will have to teach me how to make these when i finish my next movie ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Alina

    Epic, epic, so totally EPIC!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ All those posters are amazing, and I can’t wait for more! It will be interesting to learn how you made them, I don’t know anything about photoshop so I might not understand much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have to say, I can’t pick a favorite, but if I had to I’d pick the one by Max. But I love them all, keep it coming!

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