Just a General Update

Well… This week’s post was supposed to be Rachel going deep into the poster making process, but unfortunately, her computer is being excessively uncooperative and is in time-out at the Apple Store. Bad computer. The Swets just got back from a long and fun vacation, and have nasty colds to boot, which just leaves me to get y’all up to date. (Not that I mind :D)

IMG_3229Progress has been slow lately as we are all concentrating on getting the script finished and locked down. Last time I talked about the script, we had been through 2 main plotlines. Since then, we have been through at least three more. As we read and discuss each draft as it comes, we always end up with more ideas than we know what to do with and so end up making these dramatic script changes to try and use them all up.

Before, it has been Lizzy, Max, sometimes Josiah, and sometimes myself who have been actually writing with the others giving imput and ideas. Recently though, Micah has joined the ranks of writers and has completely finished the last three different drafts of the script. Way to go, Micah!!

Lately, we are all feeling like it’s time to be done with the script and get on with the other stuff so we’re working hard on not getting carried away with our ideas and focusing on fixing the little things in the script that we already have. Hopefully, after the next couple of secret-movie-project-get-togethers, we will have completely finished the script and moved on to get the rest of pre-production finished and ready for shooting (I can’t wait for that part!).


Also, we have been thinking about locations. At first, we were just gonna be shooting at the location that Max already posted about, but we have been talking about getting another location as well. A field or maybe just more forest. Haven’t actually decided on anything yet, but we’re still talking.

Yesterday, us Polings went on a fun adventure going to look at all the walks and parks around our new area and we found several places that would make awesome movie locations, if not for Evasion, then for some future project maybe.

After reading some of you guys’ comments last time, I realized that we haven’t actually told you guys much about the movie itself, so here are some facts that we can be certain about without having the script locked down and without giving anything away.

  • This will be an Action/Adventure/Explosions/Gun-firing-galore kind of movie. There will be lots of running, fighting, and intense peril. No cliffs though.
  • Max and Lizzy play the two main characters.
  • Phillip will play the bad guy.
  • I’m not quite sure about the weapons, but I can promise you lots of guns, knives, a machete, possibly a couple grenades, and just maybe a bazooka.

After we finish the script, we’ll be working on getting the costumes finished, procuring or making all the props, choreographing fights and other such stuff, and figuring out exactly what goes where at our location(s).

So that’s mainly what’s goin’ on. Not too much.

Thanks for reading and as always, we love hearing from y’all!

Love, Annie


About Annie Poling

Annie is an aspiring filmmaker with interests in directing, acting, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, and music. Basically, the whole making-a-movie thing. She’s very organized and helps keep us on track as we tend to descend into silliness. She’s directed several short films starring her younger siblings, as well as working as the cinematographer and camera operator for Phillip’s LCCX entry. She’s also into reading, various needle crafts, cooking, and playing the piano very loudly. Oh, and also, she collects weird hats and office supplies. View all posts by Annie Poling

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