First Test Footage from ‘EVASION’!

Hello again everyone!

Well here it is, the footage (you probably didn’t know) you were waiting for!

A little while ago Micah and I went with the Polings to a location near their house. We decided to shoot a little test film to see how the location and costumes looked (also for fun 😉 ); the whole thing was planned, choreographed, and shot in a little under 2 hours, it was quite an experience. We had quite an adventure that day because it was very stormy and rained hard several times; by the end we were very wet. Josiah did behind the scenes stuff, Micah did the camera work, and Rachel was Micah’s UH (UH = Umbrella Holder).


We love getting feedback so please leave us your thoughts and constructive criticism. We can always use it! 🙂

Sorry the post is a little late, we have been have a busy weekend with friends. 🙂 Go here to see a post that our friend, Abby Lama wrote about what we did.

And that’s the way the carrot crunches.


9 responses to “First Test Footage from ‘EVASION’!

  • Michelle G

    Love the intensity!
    It felt like Annie grabbed Lizzy “too fast”, there wasn’t enough time in the shots to actually allow that to happen.
    At the end, love the blowing trees, adds to the “desperate” feeling. Awesome!

    • Annie Poling

      Thanks Michelle! Yeah, the timing was a little bit weird in there. We weren’t quite sure how it would all work out until we sat down to edit it, so some parts weren’t filmed in the best way. But, there’s always something to learn from mistakes!

  • Michelle G

    Also wanted to add that I like the colors of the costumes.

  • MattM

    My, what a little murderer we are, Lizzy, and good heavens, how lethal you are with that knife, Max! 😉

    That was AWESOME! The choreography was great–if this is just test footage, I shiver to think what kind of ninja-y stunts y’all will be pulling in the real thing! Honestly, When I watched it, it was like being on a rollercoaster–the beginning was quiet and simple, and then BAM! Down the tracks it went, into the sea of action violence. Anyway, applause and encore and whatnot. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Abby

    Even though I’ve watched this several times, I never get tired of its epic-ness. 😀 Also, the color is way better in this version. Soooooo, when’s the next test film coming out? *hint hint* 😉

  • MattM

    Just a suggestion here–I was watching the video again and looking for what I thought could be better–I noticed at the part when Lizzy pushes Annie away that Annie stood still for a moment with a very casual pose, like waiting for Lizzy to shoot her. I would have liked to see her make some kind of defensive pose or something to fill up that awkward moment before she got shot. I know it’s really hard to instantly make a pose after focusing on executing a certain choreographed move 🙂 Overall it was an almost flawless video. The part where Max punches Philip was very well done, and I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    • Maxwell Swet

      Yep. 😦 We had very little time to shoot this and there are several things that we would like to change. We’ll be planning things out more next time. 😉
      Thanks for the comments!

    • Rachel Ann Poling

      Yeah, that’s one of the things I noticed too, Matt. That’s what happens when you have a VERY black cloud coming your way, and you have only a few minutes to think of something and shoot it before the camera gets drenched. 😉 The fights in the real deal are going to be rehearsed for (I’m imagining) weeks before we film them.They will be so much better! Although, I agree with you on the Max/Phillip punch. It’s my favorite part. 😀

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