Some Good News and Some Bad News

Hey! Sorry for going all AWOL on you guys these past few weeks. We’ve all been super, super busy and Monday just kept showing up and leaving again without us having anything to write about. Unfortunately, this is gonna be one of those general-update-thingys we keep doing.

Okay. Good news first.

We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to switch locations. We all really liked where we made that test film and I think it’s going to be awesome. Max is planning to write more about the location sometime soon so y’all get more details about where it is and what it is and all that jazz.

Since we’re switching locations, the script has to modified somewhat. Micah and I have made some good progress on that the past few days. Once again, the story is morphing into something different as we try to fit it all in. We’re planning to head back to the location sometime soon to actually figure out exactly where we’re gonna be filming specific things. (Lots of pictures will be taken. 🙂 )

Okay. Now for the bad news. 😦

When we first started the Evasion project, we were planning on filming sometime in July-August. As we get closer and closer to those months, our schedules are getting fuller and fuller. This summer, we are also working on two other film projects (LCC XI, and Enumclaw 10 Decades) not to mention Rachel has a job now, so can’t work as much. There is soooooo much packed into this summer!

Bottom line:

We’ve decided to put Evasion on the back burner for a while.

I know. It’s sad.

It’s very, very, very, very, very sad.

We will still be working on it somewhat, but our other projects have deadlines so they’re our first priority. Filming for Evasion has now been set back to October. Maybe we’ll have it done by Christmas.

There is a cloud in this silver lining….. wait……

*clears throat*

There is a silver lining in this cloud. 😉

This blog will NOT be put on hold. We are now going to be writing about our other projects as well! Anything and everything we learn about filmmaking will find it’s way here. *suppresses shriek of excitment* This is gonna be GREAT!!!!! 

And that’s the way the banana peels.



About Annie Poling

Annie is an aspiring filmmaker with interests in directing, acting, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, and music. Basically, the whole making-a-movie thing. She’s very organized and helps keep us on track as we tend to descend into silliness. She’s directed several short films starring her younger siblings, as well as working as the cinematographer and camera operator for Phillip’s LCCX entry. She’s also into reading, various needle crafts, cooking, and playing the piano very loudly. Oh, and also, she collects weird hats and office supplies. View all posts by Annie Poling

3 responses to “Some Good News and Some Bad News

  • MattM

    Y’all are making another lightsaber choreography movie? Cool! Also, super exciting to hear about you guys doing auditions and whatnot for the Enumclaw movie–that’s a pretty awesome opportunity! 😀 Anyway, not disappointed at all to hear about Evasion, and definitely not disappointed that this blog will now follow ALL of your filmmaking journeys 🙂

  • michellegonline

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I was getting my friends and family ready for an August premiere!
    “I hate waiting.” (Spanish accent)
    Sigh. I’ll just have to read all about your other filmmaking adventures instead. Oh well.
    “Honey, they’re putting off “Evasion” until Christmas…don’t have the official fan t-shirts printed until we’re sure when it comes out”.

    • Annie Poling

      Michelle, you make me laugh! Don’t worry, the other projects we’re working on are AWESOME and will make some great blogposts. 🙂

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