Location Update and a New Test Film

Hello everybody!

So last week Rachel, Phillip, Annie, Micah, and I took another trip to our location (Josiah and Lizzy were down in Oregon and couldn’t join us, we missed them 😦 ). Our purpose was to figure out exactly where the events in the script should play out. We needed a fork in the road, a covered area in the woods, and an open area without  a lot of underbrush; we found everything we needed! *happy dance* I’m really liking the look of the place, the view is great and you can see the mountains.


Another reason we went there was to film a sniper test; one of the characters in the script carries a sniper rifle and I wanted to see if I could pull off a good sniper effect.

This was the result:

Warning: this video contains some violence and blood.

I learn quite a bit doing this; next time I think the kickback from the gun should be bigger, and the reaction from the person getting shot should be more of a snap-and-drop rather than a snap…pause…fall.

That’s all for today folks, hope you enjoyed this look into what is happening.

And that’s the way the butter is spread.



3 responses to “Location Update and a New Test Film

  • MattM

    It’s actually pretty amazing that y’all found every type of location you needed! I think the sniper effect was really good–and I agree about the snap and drop thing, especially if the person being shot like went flying backwards from the bullet or something, that would be pretty dramatic LOL. 😀

    • Rachel Ann Poling

      Ya, that would be pretty dramatic! 😛

      Annie found the one spot in the road that wasn’t sharp gravel or prickly brambles, and it still kinda hurt, doing what she did. We are going to have to get creative if we want to do a different type of fall for the real deal.

  • michellegonline

    I think it’s “funny” that you have to research the right way for the person to die!

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