Howdydody y’all?!

We’ve been crazy busy around here, but we managed to squeak in some fun when our good friends, the Lamas, were here for the extended 4th of July weekend. Needless to say, silliness ensued.

Without further ado, I can announce the filming of…


The Great and Awesome Zombie Hunters


If you haven’t seen the first one, go check it out here. You probably shouldn’t watch it at night. You might wake up the neighbors with your uproarious laughter. *Content Warning: One character has a cigar (made from paper, not real), and guns are shot (no blood or wounds)*

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from our day of shooting. (If you click on a picture a bigger slideshow will show up… just FYI.) 😉

Anyway, be on the lookout for awesomeness and zombiehunterness coming to your computer screens sometime in the near future.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


About Rachel Poling

Rachel Poling is a serial hobbyist and one of those sopranos who can sing really high notes and likes sparkly jewelry. She enjoys researching, mulling, doodling, and implementing costume, makeup, and hair ideas. She also enjoys working on film scores, doing color correction, and generally having a toe dipped in anything pre-production. She has yet to act in any films, but she hopes to play an evil queen someday. View all posts by Rachel Poling

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