Come One, Come All!

My Lords and Ladies of the realm,

I come before you today to announce an occasion worthy of marking on calendars.

You have asked. We have heard.

Ladies and gentlemen, please get out your pens and pencils (or smartphones) to mark the soon coming Friday, the 4th of October at high noon (according to the time of the Pacific Ocean).

You are invited to attend a live moving picture query and answer session with the “Loyalty” production team!

*thunderous applause*


You are invited to the ‘Loyalty’ Q&A, where you can ask questions and we will answer them live! We will be talking about “Loyalty” (duh) and I’m sure, about filmmaking in general. It will be geared towards our young fans, but we welcome anyone who would like to hear more about the making of our “award-winning” 😉 film.

Sign Up Here!

(We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our email system this week.
If you are having issues with the signup process or have not gotten your confirmation email after signing up,
please email for assistance. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

We do need you to sign up if you want to come, so we can send out an email to you with a link to the live video feed and the Facebook group where you can ask your questions. If you do not sign up, you will not receive this information and will not get the details. This will lead to sadness.

Again, the date and time is THIS FRIDAY, the 4th of October, at Noon, Pacific Time. You can send in your questions before the Q&A starts or at any time during the Q&A. You can even send in your questions even if you can’t make it, as the video will be recorded and available later.

Please share the signup link with any of your family or friends who might be interested!

We are VERY much looking forward to seeing you there!

~ The Swet/Poling team

P.S. Here’s the link to ‘Loyalty’ again, in case you want to refresh your memory.

XI sabers_comp_loyalty


About Rachel Poling

Rachel Poling is a serial hobbyist and one of those sopranos who can sing really high notes and likes sparkly jewelry. She enjoys researching, mulling, doodling, and implementing costume, makeup, and hair ideas. She also enjoys working on film scores, doing color correction, and generally having a toe dipped in anything pre-production. She has yet to act in any films, but she hopes to play an evil queen someday. View all posts by Rachel Poling

3 responses to “Come One, Come All!

  • BarbShelton

    WOW!!!!!!! You all did an AWESOME job on this!!!!!!! I just showed the video (via the YouTube link above) to two of my grandpunkinsons, Chase (8) and Weston (5), and Chase’s first response was “WOW!!!! HOW DID THEY *DO* THAT?!?!?!?!” Weston asked “Did anybody REALLY get killed?!?!” to which Chase answered: “I don’t think so.” So you were PRETTY convincing!!!! ;-D (Of course, I assured them it was all acting!) EXCELLENT JOB from ALL angles, team!!!! Costumes, filming, choreographing, acting… oh yes! ~ and HAIR, too!!! ;-D … Mr. Poling was a little *too* convincing as a bad guy!!! ;-D Which just means you’re a good actor, of course!!! ;-D

  • Michelle

    I’ve watched this a handful of times, I just LOVE it! Everything is EXCELLENT! Phillip is such a GOOD bad guy! Which makes me laugh because he really is a GOOD good guy in real life! Oh, I just got the “X I” with the lightsabers, too me a while! Acting, costumes, story, effects, choreography-it is all stunning. First place in my book, glad the judges thought so, too!

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