Maxwell’s 2013 Year-In-Review

Hello everyone! I have decided to do something new and unexpected for the new year:

WRITE A BLOGPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

2013 was a big year for me.

^^That^^ is a huge understatement.

Things didn’t start out the best. My dad had been fighting cancer for over 5 years, but during the last few months he got steadily worse. On the morning of February 10th he passed away. I will always miss him and his great sense of humor.


The Polings moved down to Bonney Lake in March. That provided us with the chance to make movies together and we started working on a script called Evasion. During location scouting we shot these:

We got to a point in the script where it looked like we could start shooting soon, but another project came up. The town where I live (Enumclaw) was celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary and the arts council commissioned a short film/documentary to be made about the history of Enumclaw.
The Polings, Micah, and I joined the project very early in the process (March) and were heavily involved in the whole project. We shot the film over three days in August. Boy! That was a learning experience! When shooting started I got to be in the best place for watching a film set: the slate operator. 🙂 That meant I was around the camera almost the whole shoot. I also got to be an actor/stunt guy and drove a Model-T!

It was awesome watching how all the parts of the movie machine work.

After the Enumclaw film we dove into making our lightsaber choreography contest entry, ‘Loyalty’. It took 17 days to film, spread over about a month. During that time we got to work on another film set. For this one they were shooting a pitch trailer for a TV show called ‘Tainted’. I got to be AC (the guy that helps the cinematographer), slate operator, and PA (Production Assistant). We also went on vacation to Ft. Worden and shot several short films:

– A fight scene between Lizzy and Annie



– A dance video with our friend Abby Lama



– A monster horror test


Also a short horror film soon to be released.

When we got back we went into lightspeed and finished Loyalty just in time for the contest. After entering four years in a row and a week of nail-biting, we won!!!

We also shot Zombie Hunters 2 with our friends, the Lamas. And had a ridiculous amount of fun in the process.

In November I was able to work on the set of a horror short film; I was a PA and played the villain, ‘Slenderman’. It was really fun, though all I had to do was stand in the shadows and look evil 3:).

After working on professional film sets and making Loyalty, we decided that what we had for Evasion wasn’t going to work; we had started it because it would push us beyond what we had ever done before and though it was good, we had already progressed to a point that Evasion wasn’t going to push us enough anymore.

So that brings us to now.

Currently we are planning out what we’ll be doing this new year. We have some new ideas for Evasion and still want to do it sometime.

We’re starting to meet more people that are in the Seattle/Tacoma film industry and that is opening up more opportunities in the business.

I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring. 😀

And that’s the way the ship is sailed.


Say something about our hair.... or the post.. that works too. :-)

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