Hey everybody!

So…. Here we are. Writing a blog. A backstory is in order.

Our families (the Polings and the Swets) met in mid 2011, and discovered our shared interest in filmmaking. I think we all pretty much knew that one day we would have to make a movie together.

With other projects like shooting at each other with airsoft guns, lightsaber choreography competitions, the Polings getting ready to move, and generally getting to know each other, we never really talked seriously about concentrating our efforts on a film together beyond saying, “Oh, it would be so fun if we could make a movie about _____!”

Finally, the subject was breached and we began tossing around ideas. Now, a couple months later, we have a (mostly) finished script and are plunging head first into the other parts of pre-production.

Since we live two hours apart (hopefully not for long!), the communication between our two families is almost entirely internet-based. We use Facebook to share ideas, pictures, and videos, making sure everybody is on the same page. We also use Google+ Hangouts to chat face-to-face (screen-to-screen?).

However, neither of these programs offer an effective way to document our learning process, or be able to share it with other interested parties who are not directly participating in the project.

Hence the blog.

Here we will share about everything we are doing. From concept pictures, to test footage, to behind-the-scenes, and eventually, the finished film.

We hope this film will be the first of several collaborative film works between us, and perhaps this blog will serve as a product record for that as well. We also hope that what we learn through this process will help, inspire, and interest other young aspiring filmmakers.

Most of the writing will be done by the most verbose among us– Annie Poling, Rachel Poling, Maxwell Swet, and Phillip Poling. The others will be sharing as well, but not as often.

We hope that you will enjoy seeing everything as much as we enjoy creating and sharing it!

~ Max, Rachel, Phillip, Micah, Annie, Josiah, and Lizzy

the gang


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