Meet the Team Test

Maxwell Swet


Maxwell Swet is a aspiring filmmaker and actor. He prefers the filming and post production of a movie to the preproduction. He has directed several short films including 3 lightsaber choreography contest entries. He usually  plays the bad guy but is looking forward to playing a good guy someday.

Rachel Poling

Rachel Poling

Rachel Poling is a serial hobbyist and one of those sopranos who can sing really high notes and likes sparkly jewelry. Her main skills in play with this crew are researching, mulling, doodling, and implementing costume, makeup, and hair ideas. She also enjoys working on film scores, doing color correction, and generally having a toe dipped in anything pre-production. She owns a business helping musicians with their internet marketing, web presence, and social media. She has yet to act in any films, but she hopes to play an evil queen someday.

Phillip Poling

Phillip Poling

Phillip is known for his portrayal of seriously bad baddie dudes. He is our resident fact-checker and gun expert, making sure we don’t do anything that breaks the laws of physics, or fire guns that shouldn’t have bullets in them. He choreographed, directed, and starred in his first film, a lightsaber choreography contest entry, Round 1 Infinity, for LCC X in 2012.

Micah Swet

Micah SwetMicah is a different dude, he randomly does weird things. He helps his brother Max with movie making and the latest filmed he helped & starred in was a Star Wars Lightsaber fan-film “Prevail”. He loves riding dirt bikes & working on vehicles. He is also learning to play the bass guitar.

Annie Poling

Josiah Poling

Josiah Poling

Josiah is an ideas man; ideas for story, script, shots, effects, music… he has lots of ideas. He is our resident nitpicker (along with Phillip), making sure we get all of our details in order. He starred in and edited Phillip’s Round 1 – Infinity. He has also made and starred in several short films of his own. He’s very into LEGOs, 3D Modeling, and creating web games. He currently films and edits a weekly video series for Lifestyle of Learning Association of Christian Home Educators with Annie.

Lizzy Poling

Lizzy Poling

Lizzy loves to write, stories and scripts alike. She often practices her warrior/hunter girl acting skills around the yard in her flowing cloak and fearsome bow and arrows. She’s an aspiring writer with many fantastic ideas for for fantastic worlds. She feels very short compared to her fellow sometimes-cast-mates, Max and Micah.


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